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Why I Want to be an MP

We need a local MP that’s willing to engage with the whole district and come up with plans of action

Plan of Action

someone who can work with the community for the community

Plan of Action

The conservative mp isn’t very active in the district

Plan of Action

The Labour MP is from Tunbridge and doesn’t know the area

Policies I would vote on and work on


• Stop the boat crossings and create the correct processes for asylum

• Reduce the cost of living simply by nationalising the energy supply

• Hold the water companies accountable

• Making housing affordable

• Holding our local authorities accountable

• Supporting and growing the NHS and all healthcare services

• Saving our high streets with cuts to rates for central government not just local Councils

• The education system needs reform

•Reduce the working hours to allow communities to grow and engage

I believe the local councils need consultation on operations and working with the wider community

Independence and Integrity: Commitment to serving the constituents with honesty, transparency and independence from party politics.

I believe our local authorities need consultation and assessment of operations which also includes better public engagement.
Being independent I can do what an MP should do and that is to hold your local authorities accountable when necessary.

Local Priorities: Focused on addressing the specific needs and concerns of our community, ensuring local issues take center stage.

As a local I have already come up with ideas to help alleviate some issues and as an MP you should be able to work with your community and formulate plans together. Not just take the plans and the credit.


Pledge to maintain an open line of communication with constituents through regular town halls, forums, and accessible office hours.
 Being approachable and available to the public even if its a stall at a local event or in a pub. If you are transparent and active then you shouldn’t shy away from the constituents

Economic Development:

Advocacy for policies that stimulate local businesses, job creation, and sustainable economic growth.
I have multiple ideas for economic growth in the Dover district but our biggest potential is the lost heritage. The organisations either need to be challenged or supported in order to make accessible more areas and increase public and tourist interest.

Education and Healthcare:

Dedication to improving the quality of education and healthcare services, emphasizing accessibility and affordability for all.
We see a growth in academies which is good for less Government control but potentially not so good if being treated more like a business rather than a school. We need to look at the curriculum, the school hours/timetable and also hold anyone accountable if they are underperforming in the job roles and replaced. The people in healthcare need to be held accountable if under performing and replaced too. The NHS doesn’t just need money. It needs better management, structure and less private contracts.

Environmental Responsibility:

Support for environmentally friendly initiatives and policies to protect our local environment and contribute to a sustainable future. We currently pay premium prices for energy. When you switch providers the pipes and cables never change?? How have we allowed this for so long. Take away these profiteers. The infrastructure and workers will still be in place. We should look towards communities generating their own energy and sharing it which has been proven to work.

Infrastructure Investment:

Work towards improving local infrastructure, including roads, public transportation, and utilities.
I have ideas for solutions towards the gridlock that Dover’s. Very simple solutions. We need to find out why our organisations and authorities are not working together to make a resolution. Whilst we see offers on bus services our trains are still expensive. We need the Government to drive this cost down. Our drains are constantly blocked causing flooding and our roads are not being repaired. We need to campaign for the money from Government to stop being wasted by them and spent correctly

Community Safety:

A commitment to ensuring the safety and security of our neighbourhood’s through collaboration with law enforcement and community-based initiatives. Self policing!!! Whilst more police are always welcome, the real way to combat crime and anti-social behaviour is to create more accessibility for activities by either creating the spaces and incentivising local activity places to make it more affordable. With an increase of areas having more public use will mean more people out and about which amounts to self policing. When spaces are empty and unwatched they become more susceptible to bad activities because no one is watching

Representation for All:

A promise to represent all constituents, regardless of political affiliation, ensuring diverse voices are heard and respected.


Pledge to be accountable to constituents, regularly reporting on activities, and seeking feedback to shape decisions in Parliament.

Ash Payne is a dedicated community advocate and independent candidate running for Member of Parliament in Dover, Kent. With a background in grassroots activism and community service, Ash is committed to bringing positive change and inclusive leadership to Dover. Learn more at

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